Purchasing and installing new cooling equipment in your Phoenix, Arizona, home will instantly improve your indoor air quality. A new air conditioner will also lower your home cooling costs, improve your comfort, and limit the likelihood of repair issues. Be sure to implement these five tips for making your air conditioner last as long as possible.

1. Open up All HVAC Air Vents

With a central HVAC system, closing air vents is never a safe or effective way to customize temperatures in select areas. Central HVAC systems that haven’t been zoned for efficiency are designed to heat and cool entire homes uniformly. Vent closures cause tremendous stress by increasing static pressure within HVAC air ducts. This added stress expedites air conditioner wear. The more vents that are closed throughout your home and the longer that they’re kept closed, the shorter your air conditioner’s lifespan will ultimately be.

Make sure that everyone in your home knows about the importance of keeping vents open. To ensure that accidental vent closures aren’t overlooked, regularly check the vents throughout your home when performing routine HVAC air filter changes.

2. Avoid Setting Your Thermostat Too Low

When the outside temperature is especially high, it can be tempting to crank your thermostat down to its lowest possible setting. However, doing so won’t make your home feel cooler any faster than normal. Exceptionally low thermostat settings simply increase the amount of work that air conditioners do by extending their run times. It’s far better to establish a moderate setting for your indoor temperature and maintain it all summer long. During the height of the cooling season, your air conditioner will work less and sustain less overall wear as a result.

3. Regularly Change Your HVAC Air Filters and Clean Your Air Vents

Dirty HVAC air filters and debris-covered air vents can have the same impact on your home cooling equipment as long-term vent closures. In most homes, HVAC air filters should be inspected every 30 days and changed every one to three months. However, when your air conditioner runs non-stop, this component should be inspected every two to three weeks. You should also plan for more frequent air filter changes if you have indoor pets, live near a freeway, or have any other ongoing indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns. Keeping HVAC air filters and vents clean promotes steady airflow and limits excess pressure within the cooling system.

4. Invest in Duct Cleaning, Upgraded Air Filters, or Integrated Accessories

Standard HVAC air filters are designed to keep airborne particulates from accumulating on the interior components of heating and cooling systems. Keeping your HVAC air filter clean will limit the amount of dust that builds up on your AC condenser coil, evaporator coil, and more. However, many airborne particulates pass right through the larger mesh of standard HVAC air filters. For further protection, consider upgrading to an air filter with a higher maximum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating. Not only will this keep the interior of your AC cleaner, but it will also boost your IAQ. You can additionally schedule HVAC air duct cleaning every two to three years and invest in integrated HVAC accessories like air purifiers or air scrubbers.

5. Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Without a doubt, the best way to extend the lifespan of residential cooling equipment is by scheduling routine AC maintenance. Having your air conditioner professionally serviced each year allows HVAC technicians to detect and resolve minor problems early on. Worn parts can be swapped out before they lead to overheating, breakdowns, or costly repairs.

For newer air conditioners, routine AC maintenance can also be key for preserving equipment manufacturer warranties. You should schedule an AC inspection and performance tune-up right before the cooling season begins. In areas like Phoenix where air conditioners work almost non-stop, it’s also a good idea to have your cooling equipment tuned up twice annually rather than just once. By scheduling additional AC service just before milder, winter temperatures roll in, you can undo the ravages of the summer months before any extended period of dormancy.

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