It’s no fun to spend your days sniffling and sneezing because of allergies. Unfortunately, allergens in your home can leave you feeling miserable. Instead of resigning yourself to a lifetime of suffering, check out your options for improving the indoor air quality of your Coral Springs home.

Replace the Filter

Any quest to improve indoor air quality should begin with the filter on your heating and cooling system. Dirty filters do a poor job of trapping dust and other contaminants. That means that you’ll have more allergens floating around in the air.

Putting in a clean filter can help clear up the problem. Your heating and cooling professional can recommend the best filter for your system and how often to change it. You might even be a good candidate for an electrostatic filter. You can use this type of filter again and again. Plus, it will be more effective than traditional filters at capturing tiny contaminants.

Kill Airborne Microbes

Trapping dust is one key to keeping your air clean, but you’ll also want to get rid of any microbes that are hanging out in your air. To protect your family’s health, you can purify the air by killing bacteria and other microbes.

You might be surprised to learn that certain wavelengths of light will do the trick. You can add a special UV device to your heating and cooling system. The light it emits will irreversibly damage microbes’ DNA.

Decontaminate Your Air

For a comprehensive solution to indoor air quality woes, think about installing an air scrubber in your home. It will hook into your heating and cooling system to purify all the air that passes through it.

Air scrubbers address several issues related to air quality. Not only do they remove dust and debris, but they can also eliminate odors and destroy illness-causing microbes.

Brisk Air, Inc in Coral Springs offers expert solutions for indoor air quality. We also perform installation, maintenance and repair services for heating and cooling systems. Call to schedule your appointment.

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