Choosing the right HVAC system for your local climate will have a substantial impact on your home’s future comfort and energy bills. Electric furnaces and heat pumps are two of the most popular heating options for residences in the state. Consider these pros and cons when determining the best HVAC system for your family.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer exceptional energy efficiency that’s best utilized in warmer environments. They can struggle to function efficiently once it freezes, which isn’t often an issue in Arizona. These systems use electricity and refrigeration to move the existing thermal energy in your environment. This means that during the winter, they transport the warm air from outside your home indoors.

Other HVAC systems like furnaces have to create their own heat, which requires more energy. Heat pumps can also cool your home in the summer, saving you from having to install a separate air conditioner. You can even invest in a ductless system that will save you more by eliminating wasteful air leaks.

Electric Furnaces

Electric-based furnaces boast nearly the same level of efficiency, and they’re safer than using natural gas. However, many Arizona homes don’t need a furnace to optimize temperature control during the winter. These systems will still cost more than heat pumps as they create their warmth using heating elements. A furnace can pump hotter air into your home than a heat pump, but this may not be ideal depending on your preferences and climate.

Family-Owned, Top-Quality HVAC Company

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