Relying on an experienced technician is the best way to ensure your AC unit is being properly serviced. Once you notice strange noises or a lack of airflow, your technician may tell you one of the unit’s motors is going bad. Here’s how your HVAC technician will replace your AC unit’s broken parts.

Professional AC Service

An air conditioner’s fan motors are responsible for pumping air throughout the system. Without this vital ventilation, your unit won’t be able to cool your home. Once a technician identifies the fan motors as the issue, they’ll turn off power to your AC unit. They’ll then remove the unit’s grill and clean up any vegetation or clutter in the way. Many technicians will vacuum the fins and tidy up the internal components to improve future airflow.

Your technician will gently untangle the wiring connecting the fan motor to the air conditioner. The small, delicate parts in your AC unit should only be handled by a professional. Once they’ve removed the fan motor and cleaned the area, they can install the new system. Then the AC unit can be turned back on and tested to ensure the problem is fixed.

Regular AC maintenance during the year gives technicians the chance to catch issues before they worsen. This minimizes your potential costs and keeps your home as comfortable as possible. You should never try to replace the electrical components in your AC unit by yourself. Many high-voltage parts can cause you serious harm if not handled correctly.

Exceptional Heating and Cooling Team

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