When the weather finally starts to warm up after the cold winter season, it is a good idea to think about prepping your home for the summer. A very important part of this is performing maintenance on your HVAC system.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Scheduling professional maintenance for your air conditioning equipment is an absolute must for a variety of reasons. Not only will it help to reduce your risk of experiencing an unexpected breakdown during the hot summer months, but it’s also typically required by the air conditioner manufacturer in order to maintain your system’s warranty. This service will help to ensure that your AC is working as efficiently as possible.

Replace Your Air Filter

The spring season is a great time to go ahead and replace that old air filter in your HVAC system. You have many options when it comes to filter replacements, with some of the most common being pleated and fiberglass filters. If you or anyone else in your household regularly deals with summertime allergies, you may want to consider purchasing a filter with a high MERV rating. The higher this rating is, the better the filtering capability the filter will have.

Clean Up Around Your Outdoor Unit

An vital part of your home’s air conditioning system is the outdoor compressor unit. It’s not uncommon for debris like leaves to blow up against the compressor during the winter months. However, you need to ensure that you’re cleaning up around the outdoor unit before you plan on using it for the summertime. This means removing all the debris, trimming back any shrubs or low-hanging branches, and clearing adequate space around the entire unit. You need to ensure that there is about three feet of space on all sides in order for it to have optimal airflow and work at its peak efficiency.

Unblock Interior Vents

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to accidentally put items in front of their air vents, which can restrict the airflow coming in or going out of them. Part of your springtime HVAC maintenance should be to walk around to each vent in your home and ensure that none of them are blocked. You want to have at least three feet of open space around the vent to ensure that it will be able to work efficiently.

Consider Duct Cleaning

The ducting that runs throughout the walls of your home is constantly being bombarded with airborne particles like dust and other debris. Over time, unwanted debris can accumulate inside your ducting. This will not only restrict the airflow for your air conditioning system, but it can also kick up a lot of airborne particles that could aggravate respiratory illnesses or severe allergies. Getting your ducts cleaned by a licensed professional every three to five years will help to ensure that your allergy flare-ups stay to a minimum and that your AC system is working optimally.

Program Your Thermostat

Once you’re done using your heating system, it’s time to switch it off and turn your thermostat over to cooling mode. You should be investing in a programmable or smart thermostat so that you can specifically program your thermostat to run in a fashion that helps to minimize your energy bills. It’s a good idea to consider turning up the temperature on your thermostat for the hours that you’re going to be away from your home and only worry about keeping it at a comfortable temperature for the time that you’re going to be physically present.

Test Your AC System

One essential task on your springtime air conditioning maintenance list should be to test your system before the high temperatures hit. You should set your thermostat to about five degrees colder than it currently is in your home and let your system run. After a few minutes, you should be feeling adequate cold air coming out of all the vents. It’s a good idea to walk around and ensure that at least one vent in every room is delivering cold air to that space. If this does not occur and the air is room temperature or warmer, then considering professional maintenance is advisable.

Reliable AC Service

Besides reliable AC maintenance, our professionals at Brisk Air provide AC installation and repairs to the entire Phoenix, AZ community. We can also assist with all your heating needs. Simply contact us today to get started with your next AC service.

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