Don’t let critters crash your cool! Nobody wants uninvited guests, especially furry, gnawing ones. Unfortunately, your AC unit can be a prime target for rodents seeking shelter and warmth. This isn’t just bad news for your peace of mind – it can also lead to expensive repairs and even health risks. But fear not! By taking some simple steps, you can keep your cool and your AC rodent-free.

Why AC units are rodent magnets:

  • Cozy haven: The warm air around the condenser unit provides a comfortable retreat during cold weather.
  • Nesting spots: The nooks and crannies within the unit and surrounding area offer perfect places to build nests.
  • Food & water sources: Debris, crumbs, and even pet food near the unit can attract hungry rodents.

The consequences of a rodent invasion:

  • Chewed wires: Rodents love to gnaw, and your AC unit’s wiring is no exception. This can lead to electrical malfunctions and costly repairs.
  • Duct damage: Nesting materials and rodent activity can damage your ductwork, reducing airflow and compromising air quality.
  • Health hazards: Rodent droppings and nesting materials can harbor harmful bacteria and allergens, posing health risks to your family.

Keeping the critters at bay:

  • Seal it up: Inspect your AC unit and surrounding area for cracks, gaps, and holes. Seal them with caulk, metal flashing, or mesh wire to eliminate entry points.
  • Clear the clutter: Remove debris, leaves, and overgrown vegetation around the unit. This eliminates hiding spots and reduces potential food sources.
  • Trim those branches: Keep tree branches and climbing vines away from the unit. Rodents can use them as highways to access your roof and AC system.
  • Mind the water: Fix leaky faucets, gutters, and sprinklers to eliminate standing water that attracts rodents.
  • Secure your food: Store pet food, trash cans, and compost bins away from the AC unit.
  • Consider traps: If you still see signs of rodents, set traps strategically around the unit, following safety guidelines.
  • Call in the pros: For persistent infestations or professional-grade sealing, consult a pest control specialist.

Bonus tip: Call Brisk Air to schedule regular AC maintenance and furnace maintenance. We will send a qualified technician to inspect your unit for signs of rodent activity and address any potential issues before they become big problems.

By following these tips, you can create a rodent-resistant zone around your AC unit, ensuring it keeps you cool and comfortable without any furry disruptions. Remember, prevention is key! So take action today to enjoy year-round comfort by calling Brisk Air.

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