• Shorty vacay?Lower that thermostat like a boss. No need to blast the heat for an empty house, but keep it from turning into an ice rink either.
  • Longer escape? Things get trickier. Freezing climes? Pipes might burst a party in your absence. Set a minimum temp to keep those bad boys flowing.
  • Milder weather? These winters make you forget about mittens and snow angels, and crave picnics in the park instead? You might be able to shut it down completely, but keep an eye on those savings vs. potential plant sulking and pet shivering.
  • Gadget game: Got a programmable thermostat? You’re golden. Schedule it to slowly warm up before you strut back in. Radiant floor heating? It’ll take forever to reheat, maybe keep it on low.
  • Green is good: Save some energy and cash by turning it off, especially for longer trips. But remember, frozen pipes and unhappy houseplants won’t give you a warm welcome home.
  • Furry roommates or leafy companions? They deserve some heat too. Set a cozy temp for your pet sitter’s visit or to prevent your jungle from turning into a desert.
  • The verdict? Lower the heat while you’re gone, but don’t go full-on hibernation mode. Consider your trip length, climate, heating system, and green buddies (both plant and furry) to make the best call.

And if your heater throws a tantrum while you’re away, remember Brisk Air has your back! We’ll fix it, replace it, or just give it a pep talk. Because let’s face it, who wants to come home to a cold shoulder from your heating system?

Hope this helps you make the ultimate heater-while-you’re-away decision! Bon voyage!

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