You rely on your heat pump to keep you warm during the freezing cold of winter. Your heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative to a traditional heating system, it uses electricity to transfer heat from warmer spaces to cold spaces in your house. Heat pumps are a reliable source of heating and cooling, and they can save you money on energy bills.

You may have noticed that your heat pump will sometimes blow out cold air intermittently during the winter. For someone new to using heat pumps, you might think your system is broken. This might be true, but there are actually a handful of reasons why your heat pump blows cold air even when it’s freezing out. And the reason might not be an emergency after all.


One reason your heat pump is blowing out cold air in the winter is that it’s set on defrost mode. If ice forms on the outdoor component of your heat pump, then it will automatically shift into defrost mode. Your system needs to turn on cooling mode to properly and safely defrost your system. Heat is taken from inside your home and transferred outside to melt the ice. This is a totally normal process for a heat pump and doesn’t require any concern.

You Need Maintenance

The second reason your heat pump is blowing out cold air is that you might be in need of a tune-up. If the cold air blows out intermittently or only warms up after it starts cold, then your heat pump could use some professional maintenance. Getting your system serviced annually will increase the life of the system and prevent breakdowns and complex repair jobs.

Additional Reasons Why a Heat Pump Blows Cold Air in the Winter
  • Problems with your Thermostat
  • A Dirty or Clogged Filter
  • Refrigerant Leaking

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